Q&A with Kent Hughes

April 16, 2015 Speaker: Kent Hughes Series: The Spurgeon Fellowship

Topic: The Spurgeon Fellowship

1. How can pastors who preach 80-90% of the time avoid burnout in preaching? (1:35)

2. How far ahead did you plan your preaching and work ahead on your sermons? (4:50)

3. How can you maintain freshness in your communication to the same congregation of people week in and week out? (8:00)

4. What responsibility does a Christian have where the preaching is not expository? (10:13)

5. How do we keep the gospel message central in our preaching through the whole of the Scriptures, in order to avoid Christian moralism and intellectual and spiritual pride? How do you define a gospel-centered approach to preaching? (13:06)

6. Do you see any trends in preaching right now that you think are good, or that you think might be harmful to the proclamation of the gospel? (16:45)