Q&A with Owen Strachan

October 22, 2015 Speaker: Owen Strachan Series: The Spurgeon Fellowship

Topic: The Spurgeon Fellowship

What is the balance of responsibility between sheep and shepherd in learning theology and refuting error? (0:27)

How would you define expository preaching? (3:18)

Is there a time and a place for a topical series in the ministry of men who value exposition? (6:10)

Where are we headed as the church in relationship to the culture? And how should we be preparing? (10:01)

How can we help someone think through same-sex attraction? (14:57)

What are the main arguments from those who are claiming that the Bible supports or permits same-sex marriage? (18:52)

How would you deal with differing views on homosexuality within the membership of your church (or with potential members)? (21:05)

What would you do if someone came to you and said "I'm a man, but I used to be a woman.  I've come to faith in Christ.  Now what am I supposed to do?" (28:13)